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Oil and Minings

• DRILL SEAL: It is a mixture of diatomaceous earth and fibrous materials specially developed to solve the problems generated by total or partial losses.
• MICA: Composed of selected and ground material, which is used as a primary sealant to control lost circulation of any type of drilling fluid.
• MICA: Composed of selected and ground material, which is used as a primary sealant to control lost circulation of any type of drilling fluid.
• OBTURANT MIXTURE: Product composed of the shell of ground and selected walnut. It is biodegradable and can be reused several times without losing its abrasion properties.
• POTASSIUM FORMATE: It is a product that has a strong moisture-absorption function. It is easily soluble in water, non-toxic and non-corrosive. It is used in liquid for completion in the oil field.
• SODIUM FORMATE: In the oil industry it is used as a finishing fluid, since it reduces formation damage when the water contains high concentrations of bicarbonate and sulfate ions.
• GS-09: This product manages to control the viscosity and water-based gels. It is a chromium-free polyphenolic compound.
• XANTHIC RUBBER: It is a high molecular weight polymeric viscosifier. It is easily dilutable in water and forms a highly viscous fluid.
• GUAR GUM: It is a product of high purity and rough granulometry. It acts as a thickening agent with water and as an adsorption reagent and hydrogen binder with mineral and cellulosic surfaces.
• ORGANIPHIL CLAY: It is a viscosifier that produces fluid temperatures of at least 120º F (49 º C). It is used to provide viscosity and gelation in oil-based fluids.
• SEMICOR: It is an oxygen scavenger based on catalyzed ammonium bisulfite, recommended for use in drilling fluids and other systems where oxygen causes corrosion problems.
• DRILLING DETERG: Mixture of water soluble surfactants. It is used to prevent balling of the bit caused by the adhesion of soft clays and lulites.
• ECOLUBE: Additive developed to inhibit the dispersion of solids, control filtration at high temperatures and fundamentally stabilize weak formation sections, while imparting consistency to the remaining properties of water-based muds.
• SILICONE GRAPHITE: Fine size lubricating agent used to lubricate drilling in water, oil or synthetic based mud systems.
• SF-ANTICONGELANTE: It is a refrigerant fluid that contains glycols as its main component, and can reach temperatures of -30°C. It is a product used in all kinds of industries.
• LIB MAX: chemical concentrate based on fatty acids, glycerin and solvents; that forms an effective wetting and destroying solution of the plaster.
• CLAY GARD: Stabilizes and reduces swelling of sensitive shales and drilling cuttings exposed to water-based fluids.
• PHPA: It is a high molecular weight polymer with a moderate anionic charge for additive drilling mud. Functions as a viscosifying agent, drilling stabilizer, encapsulator, bentonite extender, flocculating agent, and helps with fluid loss control
• AFLO: It is an aluminum complex soluble in all types of water-based muds developed to control drilling problems with clays that are highly sensitive to water.
• POTASSIUM CHLORIDE: It is used as the end of the mixture of water-based muds. Its main function is to prevent the swelling and dispersion of reactive clays by inhibition in Diamond Drilling systems, Water and Oil Wells.
• PAC LV, HV: It is a purifying optimum grade, high molecular weight, polyanionic cellulose polymer designed to reduce seepage of water-based drilling fluids where additional viscosity is not needed or desired.
• SF-DEXTRIN: It is a natural polymer to which a gelatinization process is applied using heat and a chemical agent, which allows its cold hydration, with inhibition of bacterial fermentation.
• SODIUM BISULFITE: It is the product of the reaction of sulfurous acid with that of sodium hydroxide. Controls corrosion by removing dissolved oxygen present in water lines such as secondary recovery.
• GLUTARALDEHYDE: It is a bactericide for water-based drilling, completion and repair fluids.
• BENZALKONIUM CHLORIDE: Cationic surfactant with broad bactericidal power.
• GS-FLOC: It is a cationic polymer of the polyamide type. This product acts by coagulation of suspended particles.
• CALCIUM CARBONATE: An acid soluble fluid thickening bridging agent used to thicken drilling and completion fluids.
• BARITINE: It is a mineral with a high performance in specific weight favoring the increase of density in drilling muds.
• IRON OXIDE: It is a pulverized material (hematin) that acts as a densifier, with a specific gravity of 5 or higher. It is especially effective for completing wells.