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About us

We offer a reliable and innovative range of services with a passionate team dedicated to engineering, infrastructure, and design. Our development is focused on understanding market needs.

We have an Industrial Plant where we carry out the treatment of by-products derived from Biodiesel and Vegetable Oils, obtaining and adding value to Glycerin and Fatty Acids. We have a storage capacity of 1000 tons and can process more than 30 tons per day.

Our constant

We conduct research and development on various production processes under the constant supervision of our laboratory and quality control. We continuously update our knowledge to ensure that our customers find prompt solutions to industry-specific problems and their ongoing maintenance needs.

Our mission

We aim to channel our professional expertise into providing comprehensive solutions and supporting growth with innovative products, both domestically and internationally. We strive to strengthen the growth of our company by projecting into the future with capacity and vision.

Our goal is to supply products that guarantee a healthy environment, ensuring our customers achieve higher levels of productivity. We achieve this by utilizing high-quality raw materials and adhering to production and quality standards established by the market